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Who We Are

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TriVictas Market Access, LLC

TriVictas Market Access is an independent consulting firm specializing in creating and optimizing access to your product portfolio. We have decades of experience working with key decision makers and will work tirelessly to put your products on the coverage map. 


In her more than 20 years working in the biopharmaceutical industry, creating access to important therapeutics for patients has been her passion. She understands that coverage for treatments can be the critical difference in a patient’s life and that every patient should have the opportunity to access appropriate medications. This starts with a strong Market Access strategy and requires effective execution of that strategy.

Shauna has held positions with industry manufacturers ranging from small start-ups to leading global biopharma companies. She understands the tangible AND intangible landscape of the PBM/Payer market and has created access to medicines across multiple therapeutic areas.

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Experienced Leadership

"The challenges of market access in the biopharmaceutical industry are constantly evolving and more complicated than ever before. Having a strong Market Access strategy in place and effectively executing on that strategy is no longer optional, but mandatory for success in today's market landscape. Patients are counting on this."

- Shauna Burns - Founder, TriVictas Market Access LLC

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